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April 28th, 2014

The Balisok Blog

A place where those who apply California’s Elder Abuse Act to address neglect and abuse of our parents and grandparents can support each other and explore the Elder Abuse Act’s possibilities.

Personal note:

I’ve seen the development of the law and the progression of judicial attitude toward elder abuse since I first began litigating elder abuse claims in 1983.  When I started, no one was taking these cases and certainly no one was taking them seriously.  There was no effective judicial remedy even for egregious conduct causing horrifying injury and despair.  Judges openly scoffed at lawsuits alleging such conduct.  With the enactment of the Elder Abuse Act in 1991, judicial attitudes slowly changed and such suits were welcomed where they had been rejected. 

Over time, the plaintiff’s bar became alerted to these changes in the law and judicial attitudes.  Annual conferences hosted by California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (“CANHR”) helped to improve the level of practice by the Plaintiff’s bar.  The defense bar scrambled to catch up and their level of practice has come to match or exceed the Plaintiff’s bar. 

This blog is a work in progress.  I hope to have a confidential space for registered participants, but until then, let’s see what we can accomplish together.

Thank you,

Russell Balisok